Gallery of finished WaterProofed Showers
AJ Shower Pans, works on all types of shower from small to big simple to
complicated. As you can see here, there is a seat elevated from the
shower floor. It takes a highly skilled hot mopper to do this kind of job,
clean and done right the first time.
Here are some different type of shaped shower pans
Here are different type benches, there should be a minimum of 4" inches of backing
around the benches. The benches  are graded with tar to give slope so that water runs
down to the shower
In this part I will go through the difference between a shower that is mopped to the walls and floor vs
a shower that is tacked in. A shower pan that is mopped onto the walls and floor have a higher tendency
to crack, if there is a strong earth quake or the house settles. The reason for that is because the shower
pan has no room to move, there for the shower pan would most likely crack and leak. The best way to
avoid this would be to tack the first layer of paper onto the walls, that way the shower pan would be part of
the shower it's self and not to the house and shower there for allow  the shower pan to move with the
Hot mop Waterproofing specialist