Hot Mop Steps
In this section i will go through the process of making a shower pans . First
thing that is done is to slope the shower pans 1/4" inch per foot. That is
done with pre-mix mortar mix or stucco mix, this is done with a trowel

Next is to water the pre-mix. It takes a trained eye to know how much water
it take to have the perfect mix of water and pre-mix. Then there will be a
quick pass with the trowel to smooth out the pre-mix and level it out, that
will make sure there are no low spots on the slope.
As you can see here, this shower pan has been sloped 1/4" per foot.
Once that slope has been done . The next step is to mastic the drain . In
this picture the drain has been mastic
Next would be the first layer of felt paper tacked on to the wood or backing and vise versa,
so that there is a layer on each side.
Each piece of the felt  paper will be mopped separately, so that it would be a whole solid shower
pan.A total of three layers of tar are in between three felt papers , there are  also two pieces on the
seat or bench. In doing this to the shower pan it will most likely have no voids at all, there for the
shower pan would last a life time.
After all the pieces of the felt paper have been mopped in, next we will fiber glass  each seam with
mash, and all the corners will be tight to the walls.