Don't Hope For The Best Hire The Best..Servicing All Of Southern California
A.J. Hot Mop Shower Pans, has been doing outstanding HOT MOP jobs for
all types of customers,  home owners, contractors, small business etc. Big
jobs and small jobs with excellent  custom shower pans and excellent
customer service.                                                   has picked hot mop
shower pans number one over any other waterproofing membrane. AJ
Shower Pans serves all of southern California.

It is some what mind boggling  to understand why deep concern and
adequate preparation is made on top of roof's, to keep rain from entering
a building but yet little attention is paid to the showers floor which is used
at least twice a day 365 days a year. Hot mop shower pans are not new to
construction, They have been around almost 100 years and have been
known  to last over 60 years if done right. You can expect our shower
pans to last just as long.

Not all shower pans are the same. There is many different types of shower
pan's but there is no better choice then a hot mop shower pan, they are
endless in longevity. They are done on site and made to fit your frame
shower and seat if any.


AJ Shower Pans believes in order to get the best you should Hire the
best. Our shower pans ARE NOT MOPPED ON TO THE WALLS. They are
instead tacked on to the walls. This takes a little longer to do because of
attention to detail . Let me explain, The first layer of felt paper is tacked on
to the shower pan's walls and seat's or benches .

The reason for that is, If and when there is a strong earth quake or the
house settles, the first layer of felt that was tacked on to the shower walls
would be flexible, and the shower pan would still remain water tight. There
for the hot mop membrane will be able to move with the shower pan's
floor and remain in tacked.  

The other great reason for choosing this hot mop company is our shower
pans do not have voids which can shorten the life expectancy of the
shower pan. The way a shower pan can get voids is the way its being done,
Let me explain.

The reason  for getting voids is when the felt paper is mopped all in at
once. The first layer of felt paper would be put on to the floor and then on
to the three walls usually ending with the floor being OK. But little do you
know by doing this method and not doing the floors and walls individually
the asphalt would have already cooled down by the the time you got to
walls leaving air pockets between the felt paper and asphalt . It only takes
a few seconds for asphalt to cool down. For this reason a shower pan
would have voids ending in a low quality shower pan membrane.

You can count on us with a high quality shower pans with practically no
voids because Every piece of the folded felt paper is mopped in
separately and not mopped on to the floors and walls they are tacked on
to the walls.
If you need a job done ASAP you can give us a call and we will set up a time
Because we are a family owned business, your waterproofing will be done by the owner himself and done
to the highest degree.
You can expect the work to be done efficiently, clean, and done right the first time.

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